The SATRIX savings plan has been introduced by 28E Capital (PTY) LTD with the aim of introducing investors to the Stock exchange in a very simple and cost effective way.



The SATRIX savings plan has been introduced by 28E Capital (PTY) LTD with the aim of introducing investors to the Stock exchange in a very simple and cost effective way.
The money that you deposit into your account either by debit order or lump sum amounts will be used to buy SATRIX 40 Shares on the JSE.
What are SATRIX 40 shares?
Satrix 40 endeavours to replicate the performance of the FTSE/JSE Top 40 index. This index constitutes the forty largest companies, by market capitalisation, listed on the JSE. **
Satrix 40 accurately replicates the FTSE/JSE Top 40 index, by holding the exact weighting and number of shares that constitute this index. Dividends paid by the top forty companies, less expenses incurred by managing the portfolio, are paid out to Satrix 40 shareholders on a quarterly basis. In this way the holders of Satrix 40 securities replicate the total performance (capital plus dividend yield) of the top 40 companies listed on the JSE. **
Why should you own SATRIX 40?
FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index
The major companies on the JSE included in the Top 40 index account for the majority of the trading of the JSE. By investing in this index you are closely duplicating the performance of the entire market. Over the past number of years, the JSE has provided very good performance. All of these performances are comfortably ahead of inflation. For investors looking to generate capital growth on their savings over extended periods of time, the JSE has, in the past, provided an outstanding record of long-term growth. **
Portfolio Diversification
Buying one share can be extremely risky. Buying a few reduces the risk. SATRIX40 provides a well-diversified portfolio of large capitalisation companies and diversification reduces risk. The top 40 companies include resources, industrial, retail; telecommunication and financial companies and this wide spectrum of counters ensure consistent performance and strong rand hedge qualities. **
**Taken from the SATRIX40 website
Advantages of opening the SATRIX 40 savings account with 28E Capital.
-          Extremely low brokerage on purchases of SATRIX 40 shares (R20 per trade)
-          No Monthly administration charges on this account.
-          Very low entry level contributions starting from R300.
-          Flexibility when it comes to funding your account from debit orders to only depositing when you have the capital (lump sums).
-          Directly purchasing your share of the market without paying monthly administration fees.
-          Finally having an account with a stockbroker and having the option to explore other shares or products when you want to.
-          Login to  to view your portfolio, and other information. 
Your SATRIX 40 savings account with 28E Capital:
This account is to be used for the purchase of SATRIX 40 shares (ISN ZAE000027108) that are listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange only.
If the client wishes to trade in any other instrument other than SATRIX 40 a separate account must be used.
On the 7th of every Month any balance of money larger than R300 on this account will be used to purchase SATRIX 40 shares.
There will be no monthly administration fees on this account and the brokerage on the purchases of SATRIX 40 shares will be R20 per trade, but sales of any shares will be charged at normal brokerage rates.
Statements and brokers notes will be sent via email.